Katnip is a Content Management System, 
a Javascript Web Application Framework,
and a Low Code Environment. 

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Plugin Architecture

The flexible plugin architecture lets you reuse code for plugins, custom components and themes.

Content Editor

Start creating content right from the start, using the build in admin panel and content editor. Think WordPress!

Database Automation

The built in ORM keeps the database schema up to date with the models defined in your code.  

Realtime Channels

Create apps that update their information via WebSockets, such as chats and crypto wallets.

Command Line Interface

The powerful command line interface lets you quickly perform maintenance tasks.

SSR & Code Splitting 

Server Side Rendering and Code Splitting ensures that your pages load fast and keep search engines happy.

npx katnip create
So where is the code? It is open source and on GitHub, here: https://github.com/limikael/katnip. Feel free to take a look! Please note however, if you want to use or test Katnip the tutorial is probably a better starting point than the code itself.
23 Nov, 2022

Taxonomies and Templates

A few weeks ago I sat down and defined a few big "user stories" that I would like to have implemented in order to feel that Katnip is "feature complete". There are six things on the list, and the ones...

15 Nov, 2022

The Value Proposition of Katnip

I have started, slowly by slowly, to reach out to people to try and explain what this project is and why I'm working on it. It turns out that it isn't he easiest thing. So I'm going to try and write t...

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